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UiA in snow….snowsnowsnow!!!!!

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Since it has been ages I postet anything here a little jump to some awesome SNOW!!!! Yeah!
The background is our beatutiful University (UiA).

And I am in love with both of them! 😀


19. November 2011 – All this white t-shirts!!!

It was really a pleasur to make pictures of this action! 🙂
Awesome to meet so much nice people like here in the Erasmus-Group!!


08. – 11. September 2011 – Britta på Hurtigruten – 4 – on the „Nordkapp“

This mornig is amazing. After going to sleep in the „Panorama room“ I´m so amazed as a get up in the morning. This day is all in all so amazing and beautiful. The Lofoten and the Trollfjord are so amazing. And again I meet very nice Norwegians. Very nice and very funny. Actually they had the most fun of all the passengers I think. 🙂  It´s so cool.

07. September 2011 – Britta på Hurtigruten – 3 – in Tromsø

Normally I wanted to leave Trosmø at the same day i got there. Everythingwas planed and I am very excited about the amazing – and the biggest – ship of the Hurtigruten: the MIDNATSOL. Unfortunally there was no MIDNATSOL, because it sailed one day before. But the VESTERALEN and me have no good chemestry. So I decide to wait for the next ship. Fortunatly I meet very nice Norwegians (thank you so much!!!) which give me a home for that night (the pick me up at two o´clock in the night). They are also quite funny and I get after one hour a member of their group. Hihi. Sounds like fun, but it is combined with a lot of responsibility. So I get the responsibility for Berlin (I never lived there….ahhhh), German, photograohy and the norwgian numbers from one to ten. That´s one responsibility more as they have their selves. So I laugh and enjoy the time there. At the next day I visit the city and the Polarmuseet.

So again. This night I will get on a ship, which is quite bigger and new. As I recognize in the next days – I visited 4 other ships – is the NORDKAPP one of the most beautiful ships. Oh I like it so much!




06. September 2011 – Britta på Hurtigruten – 2 – Tromsø

Visiting the nice and cute city and doing a little hiking trip in the amazing nature – without trees! I love it! – this time was the time I enjoyed the most. I can really understand that the Nordmen are closer to the nature! 🙂

06. September 2011 – Britta på Hurtigruten – 1 – Kristiansand – Tromsø

While beeing more than punctual at five o´clock in the mornig and getting my flight without any feeling of stress I surprise myself very much! This is of course a perfect start to my journey and I´m nearly all the time really relaxed. On the boat it´s sometimes a bit too relaxed. 🙂

06. September 2011- Britta på Hurtigruten – 5 – Bergen

I say goodbye to a lot of new people. Christoph and me spend one hole day together and also had some nice matches of mastermind!

To two very nice australian ladies with a lot of I pad knowledge which is so cool! And the scottish couple with which I had some really good conversations – thanks! 🙂

And also goodbye to Anna from the ship! I hope we will see again there 😉


Hello my dear friends from Bergen! I´m so excited to see ABI, JULIETTE and ARASH again! 4 hours…

My travel was really nice!

One day again on Hurtigruten? In every case!