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17. September 2011 – And cut!

Cutting my hair.

Expensive Norway forces me now to do what I allways wanted to do. But I was not encouraged enough. But now the time is come
The worsed thing that can happen is that I will look really ugly. That´s  too honest….
The worsed thing that can happen is that I have to cry after that – and maybe sometimes later when I see me in the mirror – but that also happend sometimes before leaving the salon of a hairdresser.

Thinking about the worsed thing is definatly no good idea. (Just start!)

Good that I didn´t do that before!

It was exciting – oh my gosh! 🙂 – but quite fun.

The result is also ok. All reasons to be happy…

…and a bit proud 🙂

A big thanks to Linda, my latvian roommate, who made the beautiful photographs – you should borrow my cam more often! 🙂 – and gave me really good hairdressing advices!



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